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It is important to properly launder your shirts to prolong their lifespan and retain their crisp new look, feel and comfort.

Laundering your shirts at home :

--remove collar stays.

--unbutton all buttons and best to turn the shirt inside out as this will protect the buttons from damage against the steel drum.

--Pre-treat, with a stain lifter, any stained or excessively soiled areas especially around the inside of the collar and cuffs. follow the directions on the stain lifter which normally requires a soak period of 5-10 minutes before the wash process. Use non-chlorine bleach if needed.

--Machine wash using the gentle cycle selecting warm water for white shirts and cold water for colored shirts. This will allow maximum cleaning with minimum shrinkage.

--Do not tumble dry as will cause excessive shrinkage. Best to hang and allow to dry naturally until damp.

--For best and easiest results we recommend that the shirts be ironed while still damp. Use the "cotton" setting on the iron and do not use the steam bursts on the iron; instead have a spray bottle ready to re-dampen spots where you may have pressed in a crease. Once ironed, hang to cool, reinsert collar stays, and the shirt is ready to be worn or returned to the wardrobe.

--We recommend that little or no starch be used as starch tends to change the natural suppleness and breath ability of the fine Egyptian cotton.

Laundering at a commercial cleaner :

--Remove collar stays.

--Instruct the cleaner to use light or no starch, as heavy starch will take away the soft hand feel and comfort of Egyptian cotton.



--Only professionally dry clean.


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